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Apartment or House? – The age-old battle

by Fritzjames Stephen

Every single person willing to buy a new home or those who are considering moving out of their parents’ houses asks themselves this; can I really do this? Once they find that they have no choice but to, they must decide whether the best choice for them is a house or an apartment. Now, this blog cannot solve the existential crisis, but it can shed a little light on which real estate choice might suit them the best.

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Well, this is nothing new. The concept of a household is something all of us are familiar with (and most probably the reason you’re moving out in the first place). Houses stand-alone, on a dedicated piece of land that is yours to use as pleased, fenced and gated according to your preferences.


Apartments differ from houses primarily because they are part of a larger building that might come with noisy neighbours, gyms, parking spaces and other amenities. It is a single unit that is exclusively self-contained. In most cases, you can delightfully skip gardening and other general maintenance will be taken care of by building management.

Why a house?

Out of the two different options given, why would you consider a house? Apart from it being a place to crash at night, owning a house gives you a certain sense of creative freedom that makes it feel like a home. Also, if you have a family of your own you would certainly appreciate the ample amounts of space houses have. Most importantly, if you’re that person who despises shared parking spaces and confusing mailboxes you should most certainly choose a house.

Why an apartment?

When you think to buy an apartment in Sri Lanka you first think of security and convenience. Developers such as Prime Residencies offer apartment complexes in great locations with sophisticated security. If you’re a person who does not enjoy maintaining, cleaning and keeping up with the daily tasks of a household apartments may be ideal for you. You also get a whole lot of amazing facilities such as gyms, pools, communal areas, supermarkets and pharmacies within the complex.

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