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Learn How to Paint Nature – Get Artistic!

by auburn
Art Supplies

Learning to paint is not something that should intimidate you. While there are no “right” or “wrong” ways to express yourself in art, there are some basic techniques one should master when painting scenery.


As an aspiring artist, you can find inspiration in almost anything. From a flower in your garden to other Sri Lankan paintings on display at a Sri Lankan art gallery. With inspiration all around, find and appreciate the beauty of the simple things as you bring life to the canvas.

The Scene, Time and Mood

Before you put brush to canvas, one needs to select a scene, time and mood. The scene would be the backdrop of the painting, whereas the time will add depth to it. The mood will be determined by the colour palette you rely on to draw out the emotions.

Art Supplies

From paintbrushes to your preferred type of paint have your basics with you before you get started. Make sure you have a small pan to mix your colours, a jar of water, and a rag on which to dry the paintbrushes. It’s best to have all your art supplied on hand before you start painting so that your creativity can flow uninterrupted!


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