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Luxury Apartment Designs & Styles That Stand Out – Creating Elegant Living Spaces

by Caleb Falcon

A luxury apartment becomes worthy of its investment the moment that you work your magic on its interior; the living room, bedrooms and dining room are your canvases to paint on. Here are some interior styles and design trends that will be a guide to achieving the most noteworthy self-designed home.

Image credit- Unsplash,Francesca Tosolini,CC0

The Organic Way

The feel of natural fibres and wood against your skin brings you closer to the elements of nature. Wood, glass, brick, bamboo and marble will be proven useful for an organic outlook with glass ornaments, teak floors, glass windows and marble countertops.

City Living

Amid the hustle and bustle of the city, your apartment can still qualify as one of the most well-designed luxury apartments in Sri Lanka. Furniture colours that blend in with the shade of sunlight peeking through the windows, with a view like the one you would find at Cinnamon Life, offers the ideal approach to a city life apartment.

A Touch of Bauhaus Interior

Travelling back to the early 20th century, the Bauhaus way of interior explicitly displays natural and light colours in fusion with the artistic interior. A chandelier in the living room complemented with spacious rooms and dining areas is the right fit for this form of living space.

A Contemporary View

The contemporary way of design directs its focus towards augmenting one’s visual experience using modern accessories. Glossy marble floors on either side of a wooden texture are the perfect example of how a contemporary interior has been influenced by both classical and modern ways.

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