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Motivation vs. Consistency

by Caleb Falcon

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What is motivation?

Motivation is a desire driven by an internal sense of gratification to achieve something. When a person is motivated, chemicals like dopamine are released in the brain, urging you to get things done with a sense of readiness and enthusiasm.

What is consistency?

Consistency comes into play when we want to attain the object of our desire. One has to be committed to achieving the goal, even when motivation levels are at its lowest. Consistency is key, to building healthy habits, like exercise, eating healthy or adopting a spiritual practice like meditation or yoga.

How is consistency built? 

Consistency demands focus, energy, and perseverance. It tests your inner strength, and you must have the willingness to overcome the gradual resistance that will eventually set in with your initial spark of motivation. This drive is necessary until it becomes second nature to you. To build a lifelong habit, on average, it will take around 6-8 weeks of committed adherence, although it may differ from the individual. If looking for health and wellness retreats in NSW, the likes of  Elysia Wellness Retreat are among the ones to look out for!

What is more important?

Both factors are important and one cannot attain one without the other. But in terms of gaining desired outcomes, consistency is the most vital factor. Flares of motivation come and go, it’s an intrinsic nature of the human mind, but consistency is what keeps us going and edging us towards the finish line.

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