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The Rise of Vertical Living – Living standards improve

by Scarfer Haxor

Vertical living is the future even when it comes to Sri Lanka. Get out on the road and you’ll pass by several projects that have been initiated by the companies for residential purposes.

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Increase in population

Living in the city is convenient and because of this, each year more and more people tend to settle down in cities. Vertical living can help house the many people who seem to be flowing into cities like Colombo.

Advances in technology

With the constantly changing technology, property developers in Sri Lanka see more opportunities for better homes. The latest apartments coming up in Colombo by agents like John Keells Properties have incorporated smart technology to introduce smart homes to Sri Lanka.

Increased demand

With more people earning well and being able to afford luxurious living spaces, the demand for new apartments is constantly on the rise on the island. Investors from overseas are also looking to invest in certain apartment properties in Sri Lanka.


Imagine never having to make so many stops at the grocery or perhaps at the ATM for cash while you are on your way home from work. Vertical living allows residents to enjoy a plethora of services at their doorstep.


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