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Thinking of moving into an apartment? – New apartment trends

by Caleb Falcon

After the pandemic hit, many people started thinking about renting or moving into a space with proper safety amenities and places with easy access to basic needs such as healthcare and schools. Because of this, developers too looked into ways to make residents more comfortable and safer no matter the circumstances. Here are some new trends that are emerging as a result.

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Outdoor utilization

Most luxury apartments in Sri Lanka got creative and started incorporating outdoor spaces for residents to safely gather in and enjoy time together while being able to exercise social distancing. Not only does this give the community different ways to connect, but it also provides a much-needed change of scene.

Work from home spaces

Still, many companies either function completely remotely or through a hybrid system. Since the traditional concept of a workspace is unlikely to come back anytime soon, the need for a designated space to work became paramount. Developers such as Cinnamon Life are working on creating co-spaces that residents can work in.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) have started gaining traction again with the rise in fuel prices. As many people are starting to own EVs, developers keep up with this by adding charging stations within the complex so that they can conveniently charge their vehicles at home. This also shows that the companies are thinking about the environment and are striving to protect it.

Smart homes

More homeowners are keen on adopting smart technology into their homes, such as remote thermostats, smart locks, key fobs, and motion-detecting lights, as EVs follow a similar trend in apartment living. As a result, we should expect smart features to gain popularity in tandem with other advancements in apartment-home technology.

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