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Understanding the Basics of Facial Aesthetics – Your Doorway to a Younger “You”!

by Scarfer Haxor


If you’re new to the term facial aesthetics or have heard it before but are unsure what it entails, you’ve found the right blog; the below insights will help you on your path to ascertain the truth!

Find out what is facial aesthetics and how non-surgical treatments are used to reduce signs of ageing as well as the safety factor and treatments on offer.

What Does it Mean?

Firstly, keep in mind that the sign of ageing is something all humans face (pun intended!) which can be due to a combination of multiple factors; these can include sun exposure and stress as well as the decrease in elastin and collagen within the body with age. Simply put, facial aesthetics is used to describe the non-surgical treatments that are utilised to reduce the signs of ageing on one’s face.

Can It Be Dangerous?

You need not worry since such treatments are very safe though you must ensure you choose a reputed aesthetic clinic that adherers to stringent procedures and offers programmes with a results-driven focus; options include Clinique La Prairie Bangkok which features medically trained aesthetics specialists who make use of advanced technology to offer bespoke experiences customised to one’s requirements.

Are There Many Treatments?

Depending on your need for facial rejuvenation, there are diverse treatments on offer that can also vary from clinic to clinic. Examples include the EXILIS ULTRA 360, a non-invasive solution that shrinks fat cells and stimulates collagen production in the face and body. You also get laser photo-rejuvenation that can reduce sunspots, injectables like mesotherapy that revitalises the skin and Thermage that utilises radiofrequency energy to decrease wrinkles and helps to contour the skin.

Does it Take Long?


Consultation | Image via Clinique La Prairie Bangkok

You will be glad to know that treatments for facial aesthetics do not take long, and some may be completed in less than an hour though this will depend on the type of procedure. Additionally, no recovery time is needed either which is another plus when compared with surgical cosmetic procedures. How long the effects will last will depend on the treatment and how your body reacts to it, so check with your consultant at the clinic.



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