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Unique Souvenirs To Pick Up In Jamaica – To keep your memories fresh

by Auburn Silver

When you arrive in Jamaica, the feel of excitement is definitely unique. The adventures you will have afterwards will be memorable indeed, but if you would like to reminisce your vacation with something tangible, Jamaican souvenirs don’t disappoint.

Reggae music merchandise

Visit the Rasta community located on Mount Debre Zeit and you’ll come across pieces of reggae music that’s you’ve never heard before. Listen to the live music by the locals and take your pic from the many albums of unique music.

Blue Mountain Coffee

This coffee is cultivated at an elevation between 910 metres and 1700 metres and is one of the best brands of coffee. Purchase yours from its country of origin for a much cheaper rate than at your home country. If you have flights between Caribbean Islands with airlines like interCaribbean Airways you can purchase it from the store at the local airport.

Grab some local art

You may not know it but the art scene in Jamaica is big. Exhibitions are hosted often, and you can even visit private galleries to find works of art done by local artists.

Jamaican Rum

Myers’s Original Dark Rum|Image via Flickr

Several types of rum have been perfected by the locals to rival any good brand of wine out there. Grab a bottle of these tasty rums to take back home with you for a taste of Jamaica.

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