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Where to See Vietnam’s Rice Terraces – A Journey Through the Verdant Highlands

by Roland Lefevre

Vietnam’s rice terraces are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of its people. Carved into the mountainsides by generations of farmers, these cascading fields create a mesmerizing tapestry of greenery that stretches as far as the eye can see. Join us on a journey through the verdant highlands of Vietnam as we discover some of the most spectacular rice terraces in the country:

1. Sapa:

Nestled in the rugged mountains of northern Vietnam, Sapa is renowned for its stunning rice terraces and vibrant ethnic culture. Trek through the terraced fields surrounding the town, where you’ll encounter Hmong, Dao, and Tay ethnic communities tending to their crops. Visit villages such as Cat Cat, Lao Chai, and Ta Van to experience the traditional way of life and witness the beauty of the terraced landscapes. This is one of the most vibrant Mui Ne things to see!

2. Mu Cang Chai:

Located in the mountainous province of Yen Bai, Mu Cang Chai is home to some of Vietnam’s most picturesque rice terraces. The terraces here are ingeniously carved into steep slopes, creating a breathtaking mosaic of colours during the planting and harvesting seasons. Visit from September to October when the fields turn golden yellow, providing a stunning backdrop for photography enthusiasts.

3. Hoang Su Phi:

Venture off the beaten path to Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang Province, where you’ll discover some of the most remote and untouched rice terraces in Vietnam. The terraces here are renowned for their dramatic beauty, with towering peaks and deep valleys creating a dramatic backdrop. Explore the region’s ethnic villages and trek along scenic trails for panoramic views of the terraced landscapes. You can add this to your Vietnam travel itinerary, because you pass these magnificent fields on your way to popular resorts such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort.

4. Mai Chau:

Located in the picturesque valley of Hoa Binh Province, Mai Chau is known for its idyllic landscapes and vibrant ethnic culture. While not as famous as other regions, Mai Chau boasts its own charm with terraced fields surrounded by lush forests and towering limestone karsts. Cycle or hike through the surrounding countryside to discover hidden gems and interact with local communities.

5. Bac Son Valley:

Journey to Bac Son Valley in Lang Son Province for a glimpse of Vietnam’s lesser-known rice terraces. Nestled between limestone mountains, the valley is a patchwork of terraced fields that come alive with vibrant shades of green during the growing season. Climb to the summit of Na Lay Peak for panoramic views of the valley below, where the terraces stretch out like a green carpet.

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