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Why You Should Live in an Urban Area – The 4 Main Benefits

by Roland Lefevre

You would often hear people talk nicely about living in the countryside as compared to living in the city. But there are many advantages to being urban and here are four.

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Often it is the countryside that people wax poetic about as opposed to living in the city. However, the prejudices that people have in a city are based on older models and understanding. Modern cities are a far better place to live than you would expect.

1. Network Effect

You would be able to network with all sorts of people while living in the city, as the chances of meeting someone in a mundane setting such as one of the shopping malls in Colombo, Sri Lanka are high.

2. Non-Linear Experiences

Your life will not be predictable. This may cause some stress but is a great way to learn more about yourself and how you respond to such situations.

3. Excellence

Because you are living in the city, the quality of your life will be excellent. From the best products, you buy to hospital service and high standard apartments the likes of John Keells Properties.

4. Proximity

As mentioned above, you will also be within proximity to your children’s schools, the best hospitals and other benefits such as job opportunities. You would find yourself engaging in things you otherwise wouldn’t such as a book club with the neighbours in your apartment block, or regular visits to the gym.


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