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Affordable Luxury Living in Gampaha – Gampaha: the Newest Luxury Apartment Hub in Colombo District

by Kanya Mae

Ranked among the district’s fastest developing areas, Gampaha is the new hotspot for luxury living at an
affordable price. Here’s what makes Gampaha the perfect location to elevate your lifestyle.

Aung Min Thu, National Highway (Route 8), CC BY-SA 4.0

Proximity to the Capital
One of the main reasons why Gampaha has become a hub for affordable luxury in Sri Lanka is its
proximity to the capital city of Colombo. Offering lower and more feasible rates for accommodation,
housing, transportation, and other necessities than the highly overpriced Colombo market, Gampaha’s
geographical proximity to the big city makes it an attractive option for potential investors. With the ability
to travel to the CBD of Colombo in less than an hour, Gampaha is not far too removed from the financial
epicentre of the country.

Growing Property Market
Offering luxury units and studios for a fraction of the cost of the best apartments for sale in Sri Lanka,
property developers including Prime Residencies among others have set their sights on Gampaha’s
growing housing market.

Luxury Amenities
Despite their lower price brackets, the apartments and housing options available for those in search of a
certain level of luxury are nothing to scoff at. These are equipped with their own fitness centres, spas,
swimming pools and other exclusive amenities; thus, renters can expect the same elevation of lifestyle as
they would be living in the big city.

Catering to a Different Standard of Living

Apart from high-end apartment compounds, Gampaha is also home to supermarket chains and shopping
malls that can compete with those in Colombo proper. The considerable number of international schools
and other educational institutions in Gampaha that are affiliated with or are branches of overseas colleges
also make Gampaha an attractive option for those with children.


As one of Colombo’s emerging housing hotspots, Gampaha offers everyone the chance to enjoy
affordably luxurious lifestyles on the outskirts of the city.

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