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All You Need to Know About Hospitality Management – A Rewarding Career Awaits

by Caleb Falcon

 Hospitality management is a key field in the tourism sector and here’s a glimpse into what it is and what it has to offer in terms of a career.

What Is It?

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management | Image via Unsplash

Hospitality management entails overseeing or supervising the daily operational, administrative and commercial activities of hospitality industry businesses; these typically include hotels, resorts and other accommodation providers, though it can also encompass casinos as well as the F&B and retail sectors. Hospitality managers will generally supervise various teams be it sales, housekeeping, reception, spa services or more, while also ensuring guests enjoy the best experience.

Beginning a Career

To begin a career in this field, one should acquire a reputed hospitality management degree. Ideal qualification options include the Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Hospitality Management from the Asian Institute of Hospitality Management associated with Les Roches, a reputed leader in hospitality education. Apart from experienced lecturers, personalised mentoring and a diverse curriculum, such degrees focus on experiential learning with internship placements at leading hotels or resorts too.

Opportunities on Offer

There are diverse job opportunities within hospitality management that you can look forward to. For example, you could become a hotel general manager who will have to ensure that financial procedures are implemented and supervise housekeeping and front desk staff. Alternatively, you could be a property operations manager which will include making sure guest satisfaction is maintained or improved, while those who have studied hospitality management can also look to become restaurant managers.

Things to Keep in Mind

To find success in the field of hospitality management, there are several additional things you can do such as gaining a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the departments and staff under you. It also helps to know how to use the latest business and marketing intelligence software, standardise the workflow and find out about new developments from the local tourism department; additionally, making use of guest feedback to improve the overall experience will be beneficial as well.

This guide to hospitality management offers insights into what this field is, gaining suitable academic qualifications, job opportunities and tips to succeed.




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