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Apartment Hunting Tips for Newlyweds and Those Going to Get Married – Find Your Special Home

by Caleb Falcon

These apartment hunting tips for newlyweds include insights into choosing apartment types, considering the location, budget and facilities and items to take.

Planning to tie the knot or newly married and looking to move into an apartment together? Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for your new home sweet home.

Decide on Apartment Type & Location


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Think of whether you should go for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment considering work-life options or plans to begin a family soon. The advantage of a two-bedroom unit is that you will have an extra room for the time being which you could turn into a home office or place for hobbies or recreation. Added to this, check the location which should be convenient to both you and your partner; thus, apartments from trusted property developers like Prime Residencies in key residential areas near offices, supermarkets and parks as well as dining, shopping and entertainment hubs make ideal choices.

Check Your Budget & the Facilities

As part of the decision-making process, consider your budget and if you should opt for renting an apartment or outright buying one; while the latter will require more capital upfront, it does offer a rewarding investment in the long run with property values ever increasing. What’s more, it’s great to have a place you both can truly call your own! Additionally, look to see what facilities are on offer at the property too. For example, you can find apartments for sale in Sri Lanka that also provide access to a swimming pool, gym, rooftop terrace and multifunction room; added aspects like 24-hour security, CCTV camera surveillance, backup generators and parking are great to have as well.


Choose Items to Take or Buy

Before moving in, you and your partner should take time to list down all the items you each own which can include furniture, household appliances and artwork; by doing so, it will help you both see what common items there are, which of those can be taken to the new apartment and what can be given away or sold. Sometimes, certain items may have sentimental value to a person so take time to have an open and honest conversation when making decisions. You can also decide on what items you may want or need to buy either before or after you move in; keep in mind, that chances are you may get certain appliances and / or electronics as part of your wedding gifts!

Consider Moving in Before the Wedding

Time and budget permitting, those going to get married should consider moving all their stuff into the new apartment before the wedding; of course, this will have to be planned a bit ahead, since the closer it gets to the day of the ceremony, the busier you both are likely to be! One of the advantages of this is that you can begin your ‘happily ever after’ in your new home right after your honeymoon, while you won’t have to deal with any post-wedding stress associated with moving.

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