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Apartment Interior Decor Trends for 2021 – More Than Just a Passing Fad

by Kanya Mae

Key apartment interior decor trends for 2021 include adopting minimalism, having plants indoors as well as using multi-purpose furniture & bold art.

If you are planning to add a new look to your apartment or even buying one, here are some interior decor trends for 2021 that are bound to be popular for years to come!

Minimalism to the Fore

Amongst the key trends is the adoption of minimalist interior design and decor that does not overcrowd rooms. Light colours, bright spaces, natural textures and interiors that blend wood, metal and glass are popular; apartments such as those offered by TRI-ZEN also seamlessly integrate innovative smart spaces and technology for a truly modern home.

Bringing Nature Indoors

There is a trend to incorporate natural elements adding touches of tropical greenery and thereby creating a kind of urban sanctuary. For example, at apartments in Sri Lanka, the addition of live plants indoors be it on windowsills or hanging down create a soothing setting that will work perfectly with rattan and wicker furniture.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is also becoming popular as more people are spending times in their apartments, especially after the pandemic. Such furniture also helps to save space; innovations include flexible side tables that can be flipped over to use as a laptop stand and an indoor stoop that is great as a step ladder and for storage too!

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Expressive and Bold Art

As more people work from home and their living spaces are being seen on screen, there is a trend to add expressive art that will make an impression. Abstract or landscape paintings work best in such settings including those with bright colours; ideally, the artwork shouldn’t be too small so it can be seen when you are on screen.



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