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Architecture in Modern Luxury Residences – Creating a Distinctive Home

by Caleb Falcon

The architecture in modern luxury residences combines stylish design, refined interiors and modern facilities to create a unique sanctuary.


While luxury residences including apartments are amongst the finest places to live in, the architecture is a vital element that is linked with their allure and is well worth learning more on.

Rooted in History

The concept of luxury residences is nothing new and is something that can be seen throughout history. Back then, it was the monarchy and aristocracy that lived in grandiose palaces or lavish homes; while the size was of great importance, so too was the architecture and design which was a show of their wealth.

Contemporary Living

Such exclusive living spaces are no longer relegated to royalty and the similar concepts of style and sophistication can be seen at the luxury residences of today. These plush havens blend the refined aesthetic of contemporary design with state-of-the-art facilities and technological advances that give birth to a unique home.

A City Within a City

The design of luxury apartments in today’s world transcends a specific living space. The concept of mixed-use developments at properties like Cinnamon Life designed by renowned architect, Cecil Balmond, is an ideal example; the innovative architecture here, creates a city within a city with its own mall, office tower and hotel.

Luxury Lifestyle

The architecture of such residences also fosters a luxury lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the stylish exteriors. Thus, living spaces feature the finest materials from marble to rich timber, while the property is designed with elements like a rooftop recreational area, pool, gym and sauna which make it a true urban sanctuary.




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