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Buying an Apartment Vs. Buying a House – Selecting your dream home or apartment

by Caleb Falcon

Having to choose between a house and an apartment can put you in quite a dilemma. Here are some helpful tips that would help you to arrive at a decision.

With the ever-changing lifestyle, a concern that most people have is deciding whether they should be investing in a house or an apartment as their permanent home.

A house has more privacy

A house will definitely have more privacy than an apartment as you will be the only person living on the premises. You will not be sharing the parking space or the entrance to the building with others and you are free to live your life away from the eyes of strangers.

A house has outdoor space

A house will allow you to have a garden and a backyard as you will inevitably have some ground space. This is good if you have kids or pets.

Apartments are more affordable


Apartments |Image via Prime Residence

Apartments are smaller compared to houses and they are built closer to cities by Prime Residencies and similar other trusted real-estate solution providers. Apartments for sale in Sri Lanka are usually more affordable compared to houses that are on the market.

There is less maintenance in an apartment

One of the biggest pros of living in an apartment is that you do not have to worry about its maintenance. Even the slightest home repair can be delegated to the management of the apartment.



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