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Checklist to Use Before Buying a Property in Phuket – A Basic Guide

by Kanya Mae

When you’re browsing for a Phuket luxury villa for sale, a range of factors have to be considered – apart from healthcare, schools, recreation, entertainment, and shopping facilities, you need to be aware of the legal aspects you’ll be signing up for when buying a property here.

Find a Good Agent

When fishing for good property in an unknown territory, you need to have someone who knows the in’s and outs of the region besides being able to recommend up and coming developments with investment potential.

Look for an Ideal Locale

Phuket is blessed with the finest beaches and jungles. Its properties – for instance, ones that belong to Avadina Hills by Anantara, are nestled in diverse locations from the countryside to the beachfront.

Image Credit: Avadina Hills by Anantara

Do a Title Search

A title search on the property you have your eyes on will reveal if there are any outstanding mortgage payments associated with it.

Know the Laws

In Thailand, foreigners cannot own land on a freehold basis, but they may hold the rights of ownership over the building itself as the property is located on the land.


Buying a property in Phuket can be a bit daunting and complicated. Here’s what you should keep in mind when planning to purchase your dream house.

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