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Co-living spaces for freelancers – Cost-effective living

by Roland Lefevre

With the mounting bill payments, you yearn nay wish for an affordable living solution to support your freelancing work. Say hello to co-living spaces, the answer to your problems.

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What is Co-living?

Co-living is a contemporary residential design offering shared living spaces for freelancers, among others. While private bedrooms are guaranteed, facilities and areas elsewhere are shared, including the lounge, kitchen, gym and laundry. The goal is cost-effective collaboration and social interaction.

Freelance in style

Freelance travel writers/photographers can find co-living spaces just about anywhere, including Europe and Asia. In Thailand, there are studio apartments in Bangkok designed co-living style offered by various properties, including lyf Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok. Not only do you get to tour the sights, but you get to share spaces with people from all walks of life.

Affordable living

The absence of a fixed income is the bane of every freelancer’s life. However, with co-living spaces, your only concern is paying rent. Wi-Fi, furniture, supplies are provided, while rooms are cleaned at no cost to you. Co-living also allows flexibility in the rental period.

Communal belonging

The ultimate benefit of co-living spaces is that they are community-oriented. Shared spaces foster collaboration, friendships, and the exchange of ideas. Whether it be recreation, lounge chats, cooking or networking, co-living guarantees a sense of communal belonging.

Better productivity

While working alone has some benefits, working in shared spaces skyrockets your productivity. Co-living provides home comforts and interactive workspaces all under one roof.

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