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Colombo Chronicles – Embracing the Best Experiences in Sri Lanka’s Vibrant Capital

by Roland Lefevre


Colombo, the bustling capital of Sri Lanka, is a melting pot of culture, history, and modernity. From its lively markets to historic landmarks, this vibrant city offers a plethora of experiences for travellers seeking a taste of authentic Sri Lankan life. Explore the best things to do in Colombo, unravelling the city’s diverse and captivating tapestry.


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Wander Through Pettah Market:
Begin your journey in the heart of Colombo at Pettah Market. This bustling market is a sensory delight, with its vibrant stalls, aromatic spices, and colourful fabrics. Lose yourself in the narrow lanes, where you can haggle for spices, textiles, and local handicrafts, immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere.

Explore the Old Dutch Hospital Precinct:
Step back in time at the Old Dutch Hospital Precinct, a charming colonial-era complex that has been transformed into a hub of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Stroll through its cobbled pathways, admire the colonial architecture, and indulge in a culinary journey as you savour both local and international flavours.

Visit the National Museum of Colombo:
Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s rich history at the National Museum of Colombo. Home to a vast collection of artefacts, including ancient sculptures, royal regalia, and historical exhibits, the museum provides a fascinating insight into the island’s cultural heritage.

Gangaramaya Temple and Seema Malaka:
Pay a visit to the serene Gangaramaya Temple, a prominent Buddhist temple adorned with intricate carvings and religious artefacts. Adjacent to it is the picturesque Seema Malaka, a floating temple surrounded by the tranquil Beira Lake. The spiritual ambience and architectural beauty make this a must-visit destination.

Relax at Galle Face Green:
Unwind at Galle Face Green, a sprawling oceanfront promenade where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy the sea breeze. From street food vendors to kite flyers, the atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming. Take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a picnic while watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Real estate agents in Sri Lanka have capitalised on this magnificent view and relaxing vibe to build luxurious homes within the city such as TRI-ZEN.

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