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Current Smart Home Trends You Should Be Aware Of – Choosing the House of the Future

by Caleb Falcon

Find out about current smart home trends like the use of the Internet of Things, smart tech integration, increased security, and health-related innovations.

Smart homes are becoming more popular but before you choose to buy one, be it a house or apartment, it’s important to know the following trends to make an informed choice.

The Internet of Things & AI

apartment interior

Apartment interior | Image via Unsplash

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system that integrates objects connected to the internet and seamlessly transfers and collects data via a wireless network with no human intervention needed. Apartments such as those from TRI-ZEN are already equipped with this technology making it easier to create a smart home; not surprisingly, AI elements are coming to the fore as well and are offering more personalised options, while they can automatically automate aspects of the home (like lighting) too without being prompted.

Full Integration of Smart Tech

Homes that are equipped for the full integration of smart tech make the ideal choice with an ever-increasing number of smart products being released to the marketplace. For example, smart apartments for sale in Sri Lanka that can be fully integrated with smart appliances, locks, electronics and more would be preferable. These smart devices will be able to communicate with each other and collectively provide you with more convenience; it can include everything from a smart lighting system that controls all the lights in your home to a smart fridge that can update your electronic shopping list when certain items are running low!

Improved Security

Security has always been an important aspect for any homeowner and smart homes are helping to enhance the safety of residents. This can include aspects such as smart door locks, smart video monitoring, motion detectors and smart lighting that can be combined to make a complete security system to protect you and your loved ones; you will be able to control and activate it from your phone and can even monitor your home when elsewhere.

Tech Related to Health

Smart home technology is also gaining traction in areas related to health and wellness which are two aspects that people started to pay more attention to following the pandemic. Smart thermostats with humidity sensors that help create the optimal environment are among the latest innovations; added to this are smart air conditioners and air purifiers as well as water filtration systems and toilets with smart tech too. When it comes to in-home exercise, the Smart Trainer from Samsung and MIRROR, a smart fitness mirror are amongst the products helping homeowners stay in shape too.




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