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Do you really need a skincare routine? For a brand new version of yourself

by auburn

The short answer is a resounding “Yes!” based on the fact that you must always be seen looking your very best and a healthier, fairer skin will translate to a happier and more confident ‘You.’

Choose your products carefully

Generic body washes, bar soaps, and hard scrubs must be done away with if you want a skin to be proud of. In this light, look to a cleanser that can work wonders when having to wash your face. For instance, if dry skin is what you have, opt for a product devoid of any fragrance or alcohol concentration. Following closely on the heels of a cleanser would be a moisturizer which acts as a means of protecting your skin from drying up whilst hydrating and leaving it smooth and fresh. Added to this, you may want to purchase an exfoliation which contributes towards smoother skin as it removes dead skin and also, provides for clearer pores.


Your guiding principle, when confronted with knowing what to use when, is this: during the morning, look to relying on products that prevent and protect while in the night, focus your efforts to cleanse and protect.


With a routine to fall back on as you grow older, you can rest assured that your skin will not suffer. However, always include a healthy supply of moisturizers and cleansers as this product ranges go a long way towards ensuring the wellbeing of your skin. Having structure and strength in your skin is of paramount importance and in this regard, the anti-aging skincare offerings of Clinique La Prairie Bangkok might be made note of as well.

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