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Driving Safety Tips for a Safer Journey – Safety first!

by Auburn Silver

Driving is not an easy job. If you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are responsible for your life, and those of the passengers. This is why you should always follow driving safety tips.


When driving, do not let anything or anyone distract you. 100% of your attention should be on driving. This is why you should not use your phone while driving.

Slow down!

Speeding while driving may bring a lot of fun, but it also carries many dangers. You should have a considerable reaction time if something happens, so slow down. There’s no rush!

A driving plan

While driving, you may need to have snack breaks and rest breaks (especially if it’s a long drive). So, make sure you plan your drive accordingly. When you have enough time, there’s no need to rush.

Take a driver

This is the easiest if you are not sure as to what to do. Contact Malkey Rent a Car and get a stylish vehicle for your ride. In Sri Lanka, car rental companies offer cars with or without the driver, so make sure you opt for the option with the driver. All you have to do is to pay, and enjoy the ride- happily and safely!

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