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How Co-living Can Benefit Your Health & Wellness – A Healthier & Happier Experience

by Caleb Falcon

While co-living has plenty to offer travellers and digital nomads, many don’t realise that it provides some great benefits for one’s health and wellness too. If you’re intrigued, read on to find out more!

The Chance to Meet & Collaborate

This form of communal living offers the perfect opportunity in which to meet like-minded people with who you can share and grow together. In such co-living spaces, one can enjoy a collaborative environment with events also planned to help hone your skills. You can foster meaningful relationships that lead to personal growth and strengthen you as a person while networking opportunities with those you trust can pave the way for professional growth too.

Improves Mental Health

In today’s world, factors like isolation, stress and feeling burnt out can lead to increased anxiety and depression in some cases due to an adverse effect on one’s mental health. The inviting communal setting at co-living properties including those from lyf by Ascott helps individuals feel more connected to a small community and the feeling of not having to take on the world alone. Features like common areas for residents to unwind or work together, social kitchens and outdoor green spaces for activities, all help to impart a positive mental mindset.

Combats Health Decline Due to Age

As individuals get older, there’s a tendency to face a relatively faster decline in health due to factors like self-isolation and a loss of personal identity; in such a situation, there could even be a loss of motivation to take care of oneself properly. However, a co-living environment helps to overcome such challenges by providing a caring community where one is reminded of their value and identity; interestingly, a communal setting can even help promote self-sufficiency, while encouraging individuals and making them feel cared for.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are important in day-to-day life since it’s the brain’s ability to reason, remember, learn, think, solve problems, and process new information to be used when needed. Another of the wellness benefits of co-living is that it helps to bring about connections between people as well as offer encouragement and inspiration that combine to improve an individual’s cognitive skills. Further, engaging in activities with fellow residents helps to reinforce these skills while attributes such as empathy, trust and compassion are fostered as well.


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