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How to Dress Plus Size Body Types – Be Bold, Be Beautiful!

by auburn
Plus Size

When it comes to dressing well and being confident in your skin, understanding your body type and embracing it is fundamental! Read on to find out some tips on how to show off your curves with confidence.

Plus Size

Plus Size | Image via Pxhere

Know Your Body

Regardless of your frame, knowing your body type is fundamental to creating a wardrobe full of flattering outfits. If you’re curvy, it’s time to own it. With plus size clothing in Sri Lanka such as the lines retailed at Nils Store, you can now find clothing to suit your body and not the other way around!

Underneath Your Clothes

While it may be so easy to overlook, make sure you pick up excellent quality undergarments to maximise your support and comfort. Shapewear is also vastly underutilised and can go a long way in giving you a little extra support when you need it the most!

It’s Just a Number

Regardless of your size, when it comes to finding the right apparel, you need to know your measurements. While sizing charts can be confusing, knowing your measurements in centimetres or inches will help you navigate through this with ease.

Pick your Silhouettes

With any item of clothing, it’s always important to keep the fit in mind. With a wide range from bodycon to baggy, the choice is yours! The key factor to dressing in a flattering way is to pick clothes that comfortably fit your figure so that you can own your look with confidence!



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