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Interior Design Trends for Apartments – Tips for decorating your home

by Scarfer Haxor

Planning to move into your first apartment? Well, you need to spruce up the apartment a little so that it suits you and your family. And these are the interior design trends you can get inspired by.

Incorporating nature indoors 

People tend to spend more of their time indoors these days, so it’s only fitting that their homes have a biophilic interior design. Carved bookshelves, wooden tables, rattan furniture, and woven baskets are popular features of a biophilic interior design; you can also have some house plants.

Dividing with partitions

Looking for apartments for sale in Sri Lanka? Then you should think about maximising the space of your apartment with partitions. For example, if you are going for a two-bedroom apartment by TRI-ZEN, you might have to divide up the living with a partition so that you can have your workspace.

Decorating with vibrant colours

Many apartment dwellers like to go for vibrant colours, especially those with a creative streak. Fuchsia, teal, and yellow are some of the popular colours. You can also choose rugs and carpets of the same colour palette; another idea would be to have matching kitchen equipment.

Expressive art 

More and more people turn to the world of art. People display arts and crafts in their homes as a way of showcasing their personalities and preferences. The trend is to choose art pieces with vibrant and bold colours.



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