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Modes of Traveling in Sri Lanka

by Catalina Forbes

If you’re visiting Sri Lanka and plan to stay in Kalutara hotels, especially somewhere like Mermaid Hotel and Club, you might be wondering what the travelling options are from the airport to the location, and to explore around. Here are some of the best methods you can travel across this beautiful island.


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Hail a Taxi!

Taxi services are the easiest and the fastest way to travel around. You can use the two main taxi service providers Uber and PickMe, or even book taxis on other providers such as Kangaroo cabs. The tuk-tuks on the road do a decent job of taking you where you want with a digital meter in place to calculate the fee for the ride.

Bus Rides

Bus rides are an easy way to travel, as they are available in abundance. Most routes have buses running every 15-30 minutes. You can find air-conditioned buses for longer routes for a more comfortable ride. Not to mention, bus rides are one of the cheapest modes of travelling in Sri Lanka.


Trains are undoubtedly the most scenic way to travel around Sri Lanka, as they wander through the most captivating sceneries. The Southern Railway runs by the coast from Colombo to Matara, where you can witness the beautiful sunrise or sunset while enjoying the sea breeze. You can choose reserved or unreserved seats in the first class, second class, or third, or even the air-conditioned luxury compartment in some trains.

Hire a private car

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, then you can hire a car to drive on your own, or with your companions at your convenience. Hiring a vehicle will not cost you much, but it is more costly than the other options. However, the comfort and convenience while being able to explore routes you cannot take using other travel methods are the pros of this method. You can look for a private vehicle to hire online.

Sri Lanka is an enchanting country to explore, and these methods will get you to every corner of this small island. Don’t hesitate to take a walk whenever you feel the need to get some exercise while embracing the light breeze and the summer sun!

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