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Quick beginners guide to drawing – A few exercises to train your hand

by Fritzjames Stephen

There is so much to drawing than meets the eye and to master it you’ll need to be dedicated. Here are a few exercises to keep you on the ball. Read on for more.


You’ll need only two basic things to master the art of drawing. It’s all about seeing and being able to control your hand. For these few exercises remember to stick to just one size of paper for the moment.

Exercise 1 – Circles


Drawing| Img via Pxfuel

Take a piece of paper and a pen and begin to cover the surface with circles. The circles can be in all shapes and sizes but remember that you cannot let the circles overlap.

Exercise 2 – Lines

With the same pen and a new piece of paper start drawing lines. It can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines both left and right. But make sure you don’t turn the paper around.

Exercise 3 – Doodle

Set your wrist free and let your pencil lead the way until you reach the starting point once again. Then, use the lines and circles to decorate the doodle and give it a better design.

Exercise 4 – Inspiration

Never give up on searching for inspiration that will make your hand quiver with the need to draw. For instance, if you like Sri Lanka art, then explore various pieces at Sri Lankan Art Gallery for inspiration.



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