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Remedial Massages for Good Posture – Causes and Symptoms

by Caleb Falcon

If someone is experiencing painful symptoms due to a specific way of carrying out their habitual actions, they should be addressed first. One may look forward to remedial massages to correct these unhealthy postures at a luxury day spa Sydney has to offer such as Elysia Wellness Retreat.

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Causes for Postural Imbalance

A sedentary, inactive lifestyle and occupational demands may cause postural imbalance. Poor core stability, joint stiffness, and poor ergonomic workstations can also cause this condition.

Common Muscular Imbalance

Weak back muscles and overly tight chest muscles are a common imbalance that is caused by computer work, resulting in the shoulder blades positioning further out from the spine, making the shoulders roll forward. This positioning can result in headaches as well as neck and shoulder pains.

Remedial Massages

Remedial massages on muscular imbalances will work on the trigger points of these muscles and provide one with stretches and related exercises that will relax and lengthen the tightened muscles in the chest. These will also strengthen the back muscles so that the shoulder blades will rest in a more stable position.


Addressing muscular imbalances via remedial massages will assist one to hold themselves more efficiently with great muscular stability. These massages will also make an individual more aware of their habitual movements, leading to good posture.

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