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Enjoy Kitesurfing in Maldives – A Thrilling Ride on the Waves

by Caleb Falcon

Imagine skimming along the waves at speed with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world; such exhilarating experiences await those who try kitesurfing in Maldives!

Maldives Lagoon & Ocean

Maldives Lagoon & Ocean | Image via Pxhere

The Right Resort

When it comes to trying this water sport in Maldives, island resorts can be found that offer this activity; not all properties will do so, however, so make sure to check ahead. See if it not only provides kitesurfing equipment rental but lessons too so newbies can also learn and enjoy the experience.

Lagoon & Ocean

The lagoons at certain islands provide ideal places for learning this activity since they are most often protected by reefs, so the water is calm. Resorts like Huvafen Fushi Maldives offer private kitesurfing lessons as well as kite and board rentals for those with experience to head out to the ocean and ride the waves.

Main Season

The ideal time for kitesurfing is generally from May to October; this is the off-season so rates will be less too and while there can be occasional spells of rain, you will find average wind speeds ranging from 15 and 22 knots. That said, depending on which atoll you visit, you can enjoy this activity at other periods too.

More Options

The kitesurfing season coincides with being the best time to try windsurfing as well. Of course, there will be days when the wind may suddenly drop but that’s not a problem since there are plenty more water sports! Be it snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding or parasailing, you will be spoilt for choice.

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