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Ripe Market – Everything all at once : A new shopping experience

by Scarfer Haxor

Dubai is often known for its metropolitan city vibes. But little do people know that the city has a sense of authenticity as well. Ripe Market is such a place and it is one of the most popular Dubai tourist attractions nowadays.

farmers-market | img via pick pik


Ripe Market

Ripe Market in Dubai is often known for the organic food it sells. There is a wide range of local goods available at good rates in this market.

Just organic food? What else?

Although the main component here is organic food, there are also arts and crafts to be sold. You can also come across several food trucks here that sell out street food items.

Coming to the Ripe Market

If you are spending your holiday at NH Collection Dubai The Palm, heading to the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station is a short distance. Doesn’t it? Ripe Market is located a short walk from this point.

Not a mere shopping experience

The Ripe Market is also a place where sustainability and good eating habits are taught. While you enjoy the shopping experience, there are also ample chances for you to enjoy music, engage in fitness exercises or even join a workshop. Yes, everyone has something to enjoy here at the Ripe Market.

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