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Robusta and Arabica Coffee – What’s the Difference?

by Caleb Falcon

Coffee is an art. It’s nearly impossible to master this art, and each day, there is something new in the world of coffee. You must have heard the names Robusta and Arabica when you study coffee beans. Here are a few differences you can observe between the two.

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Robusta coffee, also known as instant coffee, can grow under low maintenance, as the crops do not need strict conditions. The price henceforth is much cheaper compared to Arabica coffee. On the other side, Arabica trees and shrubs take 2-4 years to bloom flowers and will only grow at a selected range of altitudes. In addition to that, the crops can be destroyed very easily!

Taste and Price

Arabica coffee is what we know as real coffee, with a signature aroma and a taste. You can place your coffee bean order online from stores such as Damn fine coffee for fair prices and offers . Robusta coffee comes to stores under various brands, is cheaper, and tastes quite different from Arabica.

Caffeine Level

In terms of caffeine levels, Robusta coffee can be very strong and bitter. It contains double the amount of caffeine contained in Arabica coffee and less than half the amount of sugar. Some people prefer Robusta coffee over Arabica due to the instant boost to help them focus and be productive. Enjoy an Arabica over a nice conversation from a nearby coffee shop or get some Robusta for a caffeine boost to get you going throughout the day!

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