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Smart Apartments – An efficient, time-saving way of living

by Caleb Falcon

A fast-becoming luxury, time is something we all yearn to save in some way. While the latest gadgets do just that, another innovation takes it to a whole new level. Say hello to Smart Apartments.

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Smart amenities

One of the basic features of smart apartments is their in-built innovative amenities. This includes voice assistants and smart locks, lights and thermostats. Additionally, they offer on-demand services such as Uber, Amazon and house cleaning. If you are browsing through a list of new apartments in Colombo, be sure to earmark ones that feature smart technology, such as TRI-ZEN.


Another important feature of smart apartments is the installation of an IoT (Internet of Things) network. This network provides connectivity between building automation systems, residents, management, smart devices and more. Connectivity ensures that human intervention is minimised in daily tasks and management.

Community management

Smart apartments offer a community management system. This means property management is integrated into the building network via event calendars, remote access to units, resident assistance and property services. With this system, property managers can focus on creating an efficient community for their residents.


The most valuable benefit of smart apartments is that they save time. Whether it be an automated locking system at night or a thermostat that adjusts to the weather, they are designed to make your life easier. Maintenance is effortless, and day-to-day operations of the building become more streamlined and efficient.

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