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The Remote Work Lifestyle and Coliving Trends – Joining a New Community

by Roland Lefevre

Remote work lifestyles have become more popular and coliving along with it; here are some reasons and trends that have made shared living a top choice.

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Key Locations

Many seek to stay within a city with easy access to business and leisure hubs, though accommodation costs are often exorbitant. Coliving offers an affordable alternative at central city locations which has led to its growth in popularity; additionally, the likes of DiscoverASR offer special packages and deals at coliving spaces, that provide great savings too.

A Sense of Community

Another trend in coliving is that it’s drawing diverse people from around the world who form a new community where ideas can be shared and friendships forged. Such global accommodation options are an ideal solution to isolated remote working where individuals are often left feeling lonely, starved for human interaction.

More Than Just Work

Coliving has become more than just a space to work remotely and is now seen as a place where one can also gain authentic cultural experiences in different destinations. Residents can look forward to diverse activities too be it sharing culinary secrets at a social kitchen or enjoying movie nights, workshops or other fun events with one another.

Enhanced Safety

In the wake of the pandemic, coliving spaces had adopted even more stringent health and hygiene protocols ensuring residents a safe stay; added to this are measures such as having round the clock security and a mobile access key that provide remote workers with the confidence they need to go with this accommodation choice.

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