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The Advent of Affordable Luxury Residences – Redefining the Real Estate Market

by Auburn Silver

While luxury housing in the past, was only attainable for a very few, in today’s real estate market, the growth of affordable luxury residences is changing all that.

Affordable Luxury
This is the term given to residences that are available from developers like Prime Residencies that are not exorbitantly priced while no compromises have been made on convenience or comfort. Such living spaces including luxury apartments meet global standards and are affordable to middle-class homebuyers too.

Location and Space
A key feature of such luxury residences be they apartments for sale in Rajagiriya or Colombo, is that they occupy prime locations in the city providing affordable accommodation in key urban areas. Space is also a major factor and these new apartments cater to not only couples but large families too with two to three-bedroom residences on offer.

Modern Amenities
Amongst the highlights of luxury apartment complexes are the many onsite amenities; such features are now found in more affordable residences too. Apart from air-conditioned apartments, properties now also come with fully equipped gyms, rooftop pools, areas for private functions, enclosed car parks and more.

Suburban Market
Affordable luxury residences are also linked with the growing suburban real estate market. More job opportunities are becoming available in suburban areas and this has pushed demand for housing there; this need is being filled by the development of apartments that provide luxurious living spaces that are affordable too.


Affordable luxury residences do not substitute on comforts and offer centrally located living spaces with modern amenities in the city or suburbs.

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