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The Benefits of Art Therapy – Stress Relief & Holistic Healing

by Auburn Silver

Art therapy involves the use of the process of creating art to help improves one’s wellbeing be it emotional, mental or physical aspects. Here are some more benefits.

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Express Yourself
Through art therapy, you can express your feelings which you may not always be able to verbalise or process. It thus provides a creative way you can work through any pent-up feelings or stress. Such expressions can even be seen in the artworks of today where artists channel their feelings into their work.

A Chace to Refocus
By creatively expressing yourself through art, you can refocus your mind and avoid the distractions caused by stress. Even viewing art can produce this benefit; you could purchase an artwork featured on sites like Sri Lankan Art Gallery and have it at home or work where it can be viewed when you need to refocus.

No Restrictions
Art therapy is not bound by restrictions of where it can be practised. Even when faced with stressful situations at work, you can take time to find a quiet space and create art or draw to counter negative emotions. This can also help with anxiety and depression, though professional help should also be sought.

Improves Confidence
Through creating art, you can also boost your self-confidence. Instead of getting into the never-ending cycle of stress-induced worry, you can channel those feelings into creating something with meaning; this will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride which will increase your self-esteem as well.


The benefits of art therapy include stress relief as well as a chance to express yourself, refocus your mind and boost self-confidence.

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