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The Importance of Wellness in a Post-Pandemic World – For a Healthier & Happier “You”

by Auburn Silver

The tranquillity within mind, body and soul is one that often many tend to ignore. However, wellness is much more than a marketed word in magazines or commercials. It is the ability to lead a fulfilling life that ensures the wellbeing of an individual physically and mentally with a few other value-adding factors that also play a crucial role.


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Physical Wellness

Keeping up with a fast-paced environment and maintaining a balanced physique is a challenge. As the pandemic hit, the health of most was compromised due to the lack of physical activity. However, it is important to maintain a daily exercise routine in harmony with a nutritional diet that will elevate your physical health.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness results in one’s control of their behaviour, thoughts as well as feelings. Built on the foundation of resilience, this trait becomes your companion when facing stressful situations. To achieve the optimum level of emotional wellness, it is important that one feels content with themselves. Self-care can play a part in this too and a visit to a reputed wellness clinic including the likes of Clinique La Prairie Bangkok will assist with a rejuvenating journey of transformation.

Social Wellness

Humans have been created to seek societal engagement. With the strike of the pandemic and its result of social distancing, many have been denied connecting with others. This may have created unrest within one’s mind. It is recommended to seek companionship from your most trusted allies, along with a little time off from technology.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is one that many tend to ignore. Connecting with the surrounding environment and having silent conversations with the fauna and flora can do wonders to one’s overall wellness. Being trapped in a performance-driven society creates difficulty in building environmental wellness. Take a step outside, feel the breeze and the greenery touch your soul to build that much-needed connection for a serene mind.

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