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The Tet Paul Nature Trail – A great St. Lucia excursion

by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Those who are not so into long adventurous hikes would probably love to try out the Tet Paul Nature Trail. Once you complete the hike, the rewards will be incredible views!

Getting to Tet Paul Stairway

Use one of the major Intercaribbean flights the likes of interCaribbean Airways and travel to Soufriere, St. Lucia for a holiday. Tet Paul Stairway is just 15 min away from Soufriere.

It’s an easy hike

Thanks to the many stops you come across along your path, hiking up to the top is not a difficult task. If you are someone who loves photography, this hike will also offer you impressive photo opportunities.

Sights to explore

Vieuxfort |Image  via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 2.0

During the hike, you will get exposed to many sights such as Fond Fens Libre, Vieux Fort, and Jalousie Bay. There are also a huge number of plants and trees that you may not be familiar with commonly.

The Traditional House

This is for the ones who love exploring the past. Historical details about St. Lucia and its people are available at the Traditional House. All these experiences can be covered within around 45 minutes.

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