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Apartment Buying Trends to Expect in 2021 – Adapting to the Global Situation

by Fritzjames Stephen
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Amongst the apartment buying trends in 2021 are a focus on technology, the need for space for remote working & the continued demand for apartments.

Looking to purchase an apartment? Here are some of the apartment buying trends in 2021, some of which you should keep in mind when searching for a dream home.

Focus on Technology

While the integration of technology into apartments was in demand, it has grown even more after the pandemic led to remote working being adopted by companies around the world. Thus, smart apartments offered by the likes of TRI-ZEN are ideal providing greater connectivity and convenience for work as well as aspects like increased security.

Workspaces & Safe Recreation


Img via Tri-Zen

As more people embrace remote working, they also seek apartments that have adequate space not only for loved ones but a home office too. Additionally, many would look for safe recreation spaces at the property itself; for example, for living in Colombo, some apartment complexes feature rooftop pools, fitness centres and sports facilities.

Continued Demand for Apartments

In certain countries, existing low market interest rates will continue to fuel demand for home buying including apartments. Despite the pandemic, this demand is expected to continue. An additional factor encouraging buyers is that certain up and coming apartments have partnered with local banks to offer flexible home financing solutions too.

Virtual Visits Become Popular

Due to the pandemic, there may be a reluctance to physically visit an apartment before buying it. To counter this, properties will look to offer online elements including virtual walkthroughs on their websites; even before the pandemic, some new apartments already had virtual reality tours in place which will continue to be useful.



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