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To invest or not to invest? The resilient real estate market of Sri Lanka

by Fritzjames Stephen

Despite the challenges faced by the Sri Lankan real estate market, condominium properties continue to be an attractive investment opportunity giving investors real value for money. Being the epitome of luxury, comfort, security, and higher returns, these high-rise buildings have emerged as a agoradesign.it great substitute for houses, giving a slice of the perfect urban living lifestyle.

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Real estate market in Sri Lanka

The post-pandemic Sri Lanka coupled with the current economic crisis, leave investors questioning the feasibility of the country’s real estate market; be it for investment or otherwise. Do not be alarmed, for investing in real estate is the smart choice in the face of these economic challenges where your liquid assets hold no real value.

To invest or not?

The resilience of the real estate market in Sri Lanka has been tested multiple times over the years; be it through Covid 19 or economic downturns. However, the market has come back stronger every time, with no trust broken.
With the growing urbanization in the country and liquid assets increasingly losing their attractiveness, people’s attention has been riveted on the sophisticated lifestyle condominium properties offer. If you are also opting out for the remarkable lifestyle and luxury offered by perfectly curated spaces, Cinnamon Life, might just be your dream come true! This marvellous project is managed by John Keells Holdings PLC, a pioneer in the Sri Lanka property development market, and is on a journey to revolutionize South Asia.

Recent Trends

In the face of the economic crisis, building your own home has become a white elephant that you simply cannot afford. It is no surprise that people are deviating their interests from building homes to living in condominium properties where they are promised comfort, luxury, minimal external disruptions, elevated security, other amenities, and many more!

Future of the real estate market

With Colombo becoming more urbanized by the day, residential condominium properties will be the sustenance of Sri Lanka’s real estate market, driving urban dwellers to choose the vertical lifestyle. Recognized in 2021 as one of the leading destinations in the world for digital nomads, the time has come for Sri Lanka to invest in condominium properties and benefit from an array of opportunities including long-term rentals to tourists.

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