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Travelling Overseas for the First Time? – We Got You!

by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Traveling overseas for the first time can be overwhelming to someone who has no idea what they’re in for. If you’re facing the same fear, this guide might be helpful to get you prepared a-z for your trip!

Visa and Passport!

Visa application composition with passport | Image via freepik

Your passport and visa are the two most important things before traveling overseas. Make sure you apply or renew your outdated passport well in advance. It is also important for you to apply for the visa and complete all visa requirements as soon as possible. You must keep your visa for Caribbean Islands ,passports, and other important documents and cash somewhere you can reach easily before boarding your flights on interCaribbean Airways.

COVID Entry Requirements

The threat of COVID-19 is still not completely gone, and some countries follow strict protocols including a submission of negative PCR or antigen test to enter the country. You might also need to present your vaccination reports at the borders.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a great investment to keep you protected against any unexpected health and safety concerns while you’re traveling. Explore your insurance options and choose one that covers the most frequent risks you can face. It is a sensible precaution for a first-time traveler.

Exchange your Currency

It is wise to exchange a portion of your cash for the local currency of the country you’re visiting to avoid any inconvenience once you arrive. Even though your destination may have many ATMs and banks with easy access, keeping a fair amount of local currency is always recommended.

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