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Trending Apartment Ideas for 2022 – For a Brighter Home!

by Fritzjames Stephen

It is no secret that architecture is an ever-changing industry. Every year, the perspectives change, and new trends come into play. These trends are incorporated by most new apartments such as TRI-ZEN. Here are a few such trends to look for if you plan to invest in one.

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Image credit-Unsplash,Spacejoy,CC0

A touch of bright colours

For many years, minimal, neutral tones were in trend, but now, a touch of bright colour for a wall or two, vivid wall arts or even bright coloured furniture is being used to add more glamour and liven up the look and feel of the apartments. Most new apartment projects in Colombo are following this trend!

Indoor nature

House plants bring liveliness and serenity to any home, and apartments are no exception. Plants in big ceramic or cement vases are becoming more popular, and they bring a drastic difference to the space by bringing in more contrast with the shades of green.

Smart homes

The smart home concept where everything is connected is one of the biggest trends in 2022. With the evolving technology, now you can control your apartment’s lighting, security, and appliances with a click of a button, or even your voice. Having the smart home concept in your apartment will make your whole life easier!

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