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Types of Apartments To Choose – A Simple Guide

by Caleb Falcon

Apartments are the new way to live in style and experience the best life has to offer! There are several types of apartments you can choose from, and this guide will help you select the best one to cater to your taste.

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High-Rise Apartments
There are many high-rise apartment projects in Sri Lanka led by the industry giants such as John Keells Properties, and these are apartments with more than 12 stories. These apartments give the best views of the city and provide many luxury facilities such as spas, gymnasiums, built-in shops and supermarkets, and swimming pools.

Condominiums, commonly called condos are another popular option for those who seek more spacious apartments. These building complexes share common facilities like elevators, laundry, and parking. You can find a range of condos in urban areas close to city centres.

Studio Apartments
Studio apartments are a popular choice for individuals; however, they provide a limited space with an open floor plan. Studios feature a sleeping area, small kitchenette, washroom, and a balcony in some cases. If you’re looking for an apartment for a couple or a family, this might not be a great choice for you.

Although it is not a popular choice, for those who seek accommodation close to the city limits and can suffice with limited space, flats are an affordable variation of apartments. These aren’t as luxurious as other apartments you see in town; however, they can give you easy access to most amenities.



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