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Water-Related Activities in Maldives for Families – Fun Times Await in the Indian Ocean!

by Caleb Falcon

Surrounded by the azure Indian Ocean and home to idyllic lagoons, the Maldives is the ideal destination for a family getaway with plenty of water-based activities that all can enjoy.


The perfect water sport for the whole family, snorkelling in Maldives offers an ideal chance to witness stunning coral and marine life. This activity can be enjoyed at North Male Atoll resorts like Grand Park Kodhipparu which also have a thriving house reef which you can explore on guided snorkelling adventures; you can look forward to seeing not only vibrant reef fish, but stingrays, turtles and black-tip reef sharks too!

Dolphin Watching

When it comes to family excursions here, a dolphin-watching cruise is not to be missed and will give you an opportunity to see these marine mammals swimming and playing in their natural habitat. The North Male Atoll is again an ideal location for such experiences; the best luxury Maldives resorts here will provide such cruises on a traditional boat called a dhoni at sunset which further adds to the allure.

Speed-filled Water Sports

For families who are looking to add some speedy thrills to their holiday, there are lots of exciting water sports to choose from as well. Banana boat rides are an all-time favourite and the wide ocean expanses provide the perfect playground for an exhilarating journey! Those travelling with older kids can also look to enjoy activities like jet-skiing, wakeboarding and flyboarding, while tandem parasailing is also on offer.

Kayaking & Stand-up Paddleboarding

Of course, you can also enjoy more laidback fun as well; because the waters are so calm and crystal clear, it’s the perfect destination for activities like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding which provide an ideal way to explore your surroundings and get in some cardio too! As you paddle along the waters, make sure to check below as well to spot various marine life too.


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