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What is a Wellness Centre? – Treat both your mind and body

by Auburn Silver
Clinique La Prairie Bangkok

What do you mean by a ‘Wellness Centre”? Do you have an idea? It’s a place that offers treatments to both your mind and body. But it also has different types.

Wellness centres for health and well-being

Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre | Image via Clinique La Prairie Bangkok

Have you ever gone to a wellness clinic at your college or university? Well, they are called general wellness centres. Sometimes, these can have physicians and psychiatrists in them.

The special ones

Some wellness clinics such as Clinique La Prairie Bangkok are special. They conduct nutritional programs, facial treatments, and even massage therapies for their clients. They try to enhance both mental and physical well-being.

The medical clinics

Have you ever been to a clinic that’s conducted by a physician? If a medical health professional is involved, that’s more of a medical clinic. Sometimes, these clinics also offer treatments for those who are addicted to drugs.

Things to know (when choosing the one for you)

So, before heading to a wellness centre, make sure you know what your real requirement is. Have research about the reputation and the work done by the wellness centre that you are going to choose.

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