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Why is Buying Apartments in Sri Lanka considered difficult? How we can help — Investing in a Value-Added Future 

by Caleb Falcon
High-end amenities

A cost-benefit analysis has become imperative before taking the leap and purchasing your dream mini-abode close to thriving urban hotspots due to the greater financial drain this entails, with the asking price of apartments in Colombo having hiked up by 32.9% compared to 2021. Here are some reasons why upmarket apartments are worth the hefty price tag and can save your finances in the long run!

High Real Estate Costs

In 2022, the overall selling price of apartments had spiked by over 45.17% compared to the last year, and the chief reason behind this has been a depreciated Lankan rupee leading to a shortage in raw materials and skyrocketed construction costs. However, the demand for real estate as a hedge against economic crises has also amplified, and this, alongside government-led incentives, suchnfl shop buffalo bills 49ers jersey for sale yeezy sale rose sex toy cheap jordan 1 nfl jerseys cheap rose sex toy adidas juventus 22 23 nike air max 270 women’s sale nike nba miami heat yeezy sale nike nba miami heat cheap yeezys milan jersey 2022 23 nfl jersey store as VAT exemptions on condominiums, has led to escalated apartment investments.

Avant-Garde Amenities

The best apartments combine minimalist opulence with sensor-rich functionality with sophisticated amenities that optimize a lifestyle of holistic productivity, whether it’s designed kitchens showcasing state-of-the-art appliances, liberating outdoor spaces, well-heeled recreation centres, high-speed internet, or spa-like washroom fittings. Therefore, in apartment complexes that handle utility costs for their tenants while proffering high-end amenities, for instance, such bundles may even save you money in the long run.

Prestigious Location

Few can deny that their ideal apartment is found in a secluded nature-kissed spot a stone’s throw away from opportunistic city hubs, and this is just what the most superior apartments boast. Such abodes present significant cost savings for tenants, as they spend less on travelling and can help protect the environment by choosing public transport or cycling instead of using a car. If you’re looking to buy apartments in Sri Lanka, venture no further than Prime Residencies.

Hands-free Maintenance


Maintenance – Photo by Pandu Agus Wismoyo on Unsplash

One of the best aspects of top-tier condos is a hands-on maintenance team who is on call whenever there’s a household fix. While these maintenance fees contribute to a higher rent, they also enable you to reach your career and lifestyle goals with hassle-free focus!

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