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The Benefits of Investing in Colombo Apartment Market — Cutting-edge Conscious Living 

by Catalina Forbes

For a true-to-roots Lankan experience in a vibey, sophisticated, and culture-rich city, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a luxury apartment in Colombo, the mighty pulse of this little island. According to Lanka Property Web, the most frequent five searches for apartments for sale included areas like Colombo 02, Colombo 06, and Rajagiriya, and here’s why!

Value-Added Amenities

From expats and entrepreneurs to tech-savvy Millennials, modern-day tenants no longer seek a cookie-cutter layout with basic trappings; rather, there is an escalated demand for state-of-the-art abodes close to glitzy bileisure emporiums like Colombo. Fortunately, the vibrant cityscape has no shortage of luxury condos decked with high-end amenities, from spacious open-concept living rooms and designer kitchen appliances to spa-like washroom fittings and ample outdoor spaces that facilitate holistic living.

Hassle-free Lifestyle

The best apartments enable residents to save time, money, and energy by seamlessly integrating their daily schedule and minimizing distractions from their quintessential goals. For instance, luxury residencies proffer a round-the-clock maintenance team to promptly take care of household fixes, while their premier location affords optimal convenience with easy access to essential services as well as business and leisure hotspots. If you’re looking for sophisticated apartments for sale in Colombo, venture no further than Prime Residencies.

Superior Saleability

For a hands-free physical asset that steadily appreciates, you can’t do better than first-class real estate properties, with rental yields between 8-10% and annual capital gains hitting 15%. These avant-garde abodes, with their constantly upgraded amenities, are also attractive due to their high saleability and significant markup margin.

Purchasing Perks

Colombo Apartment Market 

Colombo Apartment Market – Photo by Chamindu Perera on Unsplash

Despite the unfavourable economic conditions in Sri Lanka, the demand for top-notch apartments in opportunistic hubs are still on the rise as a hedge against inflation and to take advantage of tax deductions and exemptions.

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