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Why smart apartment technology is a must for Gen Z – for smarter and more convenient living

by Fritzjames Stephen

 Smart apartment technology is becoming increasingly popular among young people, and for good reason. For those in the Gen Z demographic, smart apartment technology offers a range of benefits that can enhance their living experience and make their daily lives more convenient and efficient.

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colombo city | img by Nazly Ahmed via flickr

Who belongs to Gen Z?

Basically, all those born between 1997 and 2012 are categorised within Gen Z. Fondly called ‘Gen Zers’, this generation is treated as the most climate and socially conscious whose living habits are largely influenced by modern-day technology.

Smart home technologies and the property market

The word ‘smart’ best describes the property market that has called for a greater focus on integrating technology into its living spaces in a manner that would attract more Gen Zers. Facilitators such as TRI-ZEN whose services can be sought should you want to buy apartments in Colombo have also brought in gadgets such as smart locks and resident voice controller

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mechanisms to cater to a wider audience.


Smart apartment technology can make daily tasks and chores easier and more convenient. For example, smart appliances can be controlled from a smartphone, allowing residents to turn on and off their appliances remotely. Smart assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home can help residents control their smart home devices, set reminders, and perform other tasks hands-free.

What do owners look for?

One of the products that newbie renters and buyers desire is the smart thermostat which can be used to set custom temperature schedules and manage energy consumption even when outside. Also, smart locks and keyless entry systems are sought in order to address the age-old struggles of getting locked out, missing packages and letting delivery personnel in when the door attendant isn’t available. Gen Zers are busy people who constantly seek concierge services to make their deliveries. This is where smart lock technologies can facilitate a far improved living style by allowing guests and various users to enter on certain occasions.



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