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Your Guide to Finding Your Passion with Higher Studies – Pursue What You Love

by Roland Lefevre

Many students struggle with identifying the career path in which they have the potential to excel. Although many various institutes offer tempting academic options such as studying at a faculty of health sciences, it isn’t that simple for a student fresh out of school to settle on one.


Focus on Interests
People naturally revolve around things that they find fascinating. They play a vital role in building one’s self-worth and forming one’s passion. Make a list of things you find interesting and try to link them with available academic paths. For example, if you love reading and reviewing books, you may feel strongly about following a language programme offered by higher education institutes such as CINEC.

Take a Career Aptitude Test
You can find a variety of career aptitude tests online where your interests will be matched with potential careers. Quite often, these tests may even confirm what you already know!

Find Your Purpose
We all want to feel as if we’re all part of a higher purpose – that we make a difference in the world. Question your inner self about the things that add meaning to your life and explore along those thoughts to find what educational path leads you to achieve your desired goal.

Fina a Mentor
If you go through all the above options and still feel as if you haven’t reached any decision, it would be better to seek help. Find a mentor that shares a flame for your passion who might have some insights to offer.


With higher semester fees, it isn’t easy for someone to change their career path multiple times. The sooner you identify your true passions, the better it would be.

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