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Your guide to shopping for electronics – Don’t make it a burden

by Caleb Falcon

Shopping for electronics is not like shopping for FMCG! Be it for your consumption or to gift someone else, you need to be extra careful when buying electronics.

Image credit-Urban.lk

Check the calendar before you buy electronics

Electronics should not be bought in a hurry. If Black Friday or the New Year is around the corner, just wait till online stores in Sri Lanka the likes of Urban.lk declares seasonal promotions. You’ll be able to enjoy many exciting offers!

Don’t think much about the delivery charges

Many people hesitate to pay for the delivery and fixing charges when they buy electronics. Yes, you may be confident about your skill to fix the TV or the refrigerator, but won’t it be safer if a technician does that for you? You just have to pay a small additional fee.

Once purchased, launch a lengthy test

After buying an electronic product, simply power it on and walk away! If it’s a TV, switch it on and let it work for some hours continuously. If a defect is there, that will surely happen within this time.

Call for help- always!

Once again, forget that you too are an expert once an error happens in what you bought. Don’t even touch the electronic until someone comes from the side of the manufacturer. Call them and ask for help, it’s as simple as that!

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