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7 Key Real Estate Trends to Look Out for in 2022-2024 – The ever-changing industry

by Caleb Falcon

Main Industry

The post-pandemic era has and will continue to bring about notable changes in several industries all over the globe. The real estate industry is no different! Here are a couple of trends to keep an eye out for.

High Tech Properties
Let’s be real, technology has enveloped our lives! From the minute we wake up, right until we fall asleep, technology is something upon which we rely heavily. Real estate in Sri Lanka is also seeing a shift towards a more tech-friendly situation.

Going Digital
This element is very similar to tech but is more inclined to sellers than buyers. Virtual tours, images, 3D renditions and virtual staging are all the new methods used by sellers to digitally sell properties. A quick look at John Keells Properties‘ website will show you exactly that.

Moving out of cities
Whilst moving into the city was all the rage a couple of years ago, that trend has taken a complete turn. People, especially those with families, are seeking a quieter, relaxed lifestyle.

Community feeling
A trend that has seen an increasing interest would be the need to be more community focused. The greatest example of this would be co-living spaces!

A rise in price
With global inflation, expect to also see home prices rising. As the market value increases, so does home equity.

Finding the niche
To stand out in the already heavily concentrated real estate industry, you need to find your niche. This niche is what will set you apart and make your business authentic.

Convenience above all!
Finally, a trend that is increasing would be the ease of convenience that buyers look for. No more travelling 30 minutes to go grocery shopping!


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